Nolicia Créations

For Nolicia, the opening of her Boutique-Workshop, 16 Cours de Rive, Geneva, in November 2010, is the successful outcome of an already intense career.

After studying at an International Business School which took her to Asia and the USA and which included a work experience with a famous jeweller, Nolicia decided to turn herself towards the arts which accompany her since childhood through drawing, painting and sculpture. She continued her training and obtained diplomas as a Gemologist and Jewellery Designer at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). From this moment on, Nolicia's artistic soul discovered, through her travels, the beauty and spiritual meaning of gemstones throughout civilisations. This proved to be for her, the beginning of a true passion.

The next chapter in her career leads her to a very enriching experience in the heart of the creative workshop of one of the worlds biggest jewellers. She worked alongside the best designers and the most extraordinary gemstones in order to create the unique pieces which have built the legend and reputation of this firm.

Founding her own family didn't curb her taste for travelling with her preference being for Asia and it's rich displays. At the gemstone markets, each one more shimmering, her first choices are for sculpted Jades, engraved Turquoises, Tourmalines, Amethysts, Calcites, Garnets, Aquamarines, Onyx along with Smokey Quartz...

Nolicia shapes, assembles and livens up individually each of her creations herself. Each unique piece corresponds with a desire, a mood, an emotion which is always animated by the continuous need to create and sublimate. Her strong personality comes through in her jewellery giving a new meaning to these gemstones already full of emotions, beliefs and history.

Chokers, Necklaces and many others will know just how to magnify your most simple outfit to the most sophisticated one. Each one of these pieces is a treasure which flatters with force and inspiration the woman who wears it.